A regular old 2006 Lexus IS350 had been transformed into an orange buggy right out of Mad Max. Turned into this contraption by owner Connor Keough after he drove down from Chicago Connor to another state. Krowrx, a start-up, made the luxury flagship into what resembles an exo-buggy. The company is famous for its strip down builds. Although controversial, you would be lying if you weren’t the slightest bit impressed. It usually ends up growing on people more than vegemite for sure.

Perhaps most notable from the company Knowrx is the Xtegra, a heavily modified version of the third iteration Acura Integra. Though people were quite hot or cold about that vehicle, either loving the unique aesthetic or hating the death contraption on wheels, none in between or on the fence. The main questions raised were asked to the CEO of the company and he addressed them as best he saw possible.

 When asked about how heavily critical the internet was after seeing the Xtegra and if it was expected at all, the CEO had said – that he never really expected to be featured so heavily on magazines and on the web, but was very excited regardless to be a part of it. “It was an experience and we were buzzing with excitement” said JD. The light shone on his company and his gratitude aside, he had a few words to say for all of the criticism. “We didn’t really think of it as a good or bad thing”, taking all criticism constructively.


The XTegra

The front-wheel drive exo is front-based purely to show off the fact that it doesn’t just have to be rear wheel drives with new and cooky innovations. Although the CEO reckons all FWD and RWD are a thrill to ride, he wanted to give his unique vehicle a flavour of his own with a set of sporty wheels like here, caring for no other. The company is very familiar with vehicles from Honda, they are no newcomers to the unorthodox scene, and they insist that all their builds are great but you pick the ones you are most comfortable with. “Have a blast” their motto after all.

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Jealousy or envy is a double edge sword kind of trait. On one hand, it could drive you and your ambition on overdrive and make you dominate your opponent in a similar way that Shaq did to bully other big men in the post to the point, that NBA allowed Zone defense to be used. Or it could, also result in using cheap underhand tricks to destroy your opponents and thus, turning rivalry and jealousy into murder and crime.

General motors’ (GM) is a pretty big time company but, their attitude towards fellow competitors pretty low-life and petty. In 1934, the underdog and still pretty much nascent Chrysler Company ended up hitting a home run or at least, it seemed like they did. They released the Chrysler Airflow, one of the most advanced and aerodynamic cars ever built in automobile history, it still holds its ground when compared to aerodynamic cars built today. Its streamlined shaped design stood out, like back ink in a white shirt. It had the potential to be the most popular car at that time, and that was what caused most big time company to gasp in disbelief and jealousy. Among them, the GM was the most furious one. They apparently could not believe, an underdog had built a better car than, they could have ever comprehended. As a result, they decided to use underhand tactics like buying out press and media and claim this new car was not safe. In reply to that, Chrysler released an impressive newssheet. They showed off the car’s advance suspension and even drove it off a hundred foot cliff, and landed it without breaking a glass. So, GM went one step further and accused Chrysler of plagiarism and theft, they claimed that the airflow was originally their idea that they had not yet released, and Chrysler stole it from them and made it before they could.

But it was then, when the most shocking thing had happened. GM’s efforts succeeded. And in 1937, the production of Chrysler was discontinued. This resulted into, one of the biggest scandals and jealousy cases in automotive industry history. And this proved the saying, “too good for your own sake”.

The automobile industry has grown immensely over the last century- however- with the increase in use of internal combustion engine, the amount of pollutions produced by cars increased drastically. This is a very concerning subject as it is directly linked to global warming. The carbon di oxide which is given off as exhaust fumes traps the Sun’s heat in the Earth’s atmosphere giving a rise to global temperature- thus global warming. Also, these exhaust fumes contribute directly to acid rains. The carbon di oxide reacts with water in the atmosphere to form carbonic acid which then falls on to the Earth as acid. Acid rain has several devastating effects-like destroying plant and aqua life, causing skin diseases and even effecting buildings.

So what is the catalytic converter- it is basically a component of a car that converts the harmful exhaust fumes to harmless gases. Sounds pretty simple no? However, the procedure of how it does it is pretty tricky. It does it with a series of REDOX reaction – it catalyzes a REDOX reaction to be more precise.

The first widespread use of catalytic converter took place in the U.S. This was mainly done to obey the new law which forced them to limit pollutions. Every vehicles from 1975 were bound to have a catalytic converter.
The catalytic converter was invented by Eugene Houdry- who was a French engineer and a professional catalytic oil refinery guy. He is contributed to make the major breakthrough in the automobile industry which allowed cars and low pollution to exist in harmony.

So, what are the drawbacks of catalytic converter? The catalytic converter requires high temperature to operate for which it was at first placed close to the engine but was later removed due to several problems being associated with it. In conclusion a vehicle must be travelling long distances for the proper use of a catalytic converter.

2017 auto exposition at Frankfurt came alive with flair as brands showed off their various automotive perfection among which the Bentley brand unveiled its first ever SUV appearance which stole the show with its flamboyance, redefining luxury and establishing a whole new status quo for the year 2017. Being the first of its kind, the Bentley Bentayga doesn’t just stand out as a peculiar version but it also pushes the limit by claiming the hallowed position of “fastest, strongest, and unarguably the most luxurious SUV of all time.” this is a very huge position to occupy. The chief executive of Bentley motors, Wolfgang Durheimer, refers to this new machine as “the future of luxury.”
At first view, the impression of the new Bentley Bentayga is an overwhelming and vivid sleekness, designed with a lush matrix grille at the rear with upgraded LED lighting, bold and durable alloy wheels ranging 20-22 inches in diameter, an overall vehicular weight of 520 pounds, and aluminum body.

Bentley Bentayga builds up momentum from 0-60 mph in swift 4 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 187 mph. road performance is as expected, smooth and seamless with a complete command of terrain. Some aggressive refinements set this model apart from previous ones, both on exterior and interior.

There are quite an extensive number of features hosted by the new Bentley, this is an improvement over its predecessors and collectors would certainly get their money’s worth. It is layered with fine hand crafted bamboo with leather fixtures which can come in a variety of colors on demand. Navigator functions include an 8.0 inch touch screen, electronic night vision, parking assist, and a few other safety features. Others are customized tablet, 60 GB hard drive, 4G WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, and an 18- speaker sound system for infotainment.

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