The Lexus IS350 – The Buggy Buddy of Your Dream In 2018

The Lexus IS350 – The Buggy Buddy of Your Dream In 2018

A regular old 2006 Lexus IS350 had been transformed into an orange buggy right out of Mad Max. Turned into this contraption by owner Connor Keough after he drove down from Chicago Connor to another state. Krowrx, a start-up, made the luxury flagship into what resembles an exo-buggy. The company is famous for its strip down builds. Although controversial, you would be lying if you weren’t the slightest bit impressed. It usually ends up growing on people more than vegemite for sure.

Perhaps most notable from the company Knowrx is the Xtegra, a heavily modified version of the third iteration Acura Integra. Though people were quite hot or cold about that vehicle, either loving the unique aesthetic or hating the death contraption on wheels, none in between or on the fence. The main questions raised were asked to the CEO of the company and he addressed them as best he saw possible.

 When asked about how heavily critical the internet was after seeing the Xtegra and if it was expected at all, the CEO had said – that he never really expected to be featured so heavily on magazines and on the web, but was very excited regardless to be a part of it. “It was an experience and we were buzzing with excitement” said JD. The light shone on his company and his gratitude aside, he had a few words to say for all of the criticism. “We didn’t really think of it as a good or bad thing”, taking all criticism constructively.


The XTegra

The front-wheel drive exo is front-based purely to show off the fact that it doesn’t just have to be rear wheel drives with new and cooky innovations. Although the CEO reckons all FWD and RWD are a thrill to ride, he wanted to give his unique vehicle a flavour of his own with a set of sporty wheels like here, caring for no other. The company is very familiar with vehicles from Honda, they are no newcomers to the unorthodox scene, and they insist that all their builds are great but you pick the ones you are most comfortable with. “Have a blast” their motto after all.

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